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PPC on a G4

I tried installing potato on a G4 processor for a friend and had tons of
trouble with segmentation faults.  I had the system up and running fine
then all of a sudden files started corrupting such as gzip, tar, etc.  I
ran gzip and it would only give trash.  I also installed this multiple
times with differant results each time but always resulting in file
corruption.  The last time I installed it the install process died
premature during the package installation and dropped straight out to a
login prompt before dpkg configured all the installed packages.  When
trying to login it complained of a bash problem.  Are there any issues
with running this on a G4?  I have ran it on a G3 without much of a
problem but with this G4 it's not even usable.  Thanks in advnace.

			Jason Mesker
        	    Internet Tool & Die
		    System/Network Admin

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