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BootX hangup with Debian 2.2 on PowerMac 5500/225

Hi all.  Just signed on to this list a few minutes ago.  I've got an old PowerMac 5500/225 with MacOS 7.6.1, a CDRom and a ZipDrive. Last night I attempted to boot into Linux a number of times with BootX 1.1.3, both at startup and after MacOS had completely booted, all to no avail. The screen switches off for a moment, a few instructions appear at the top of the screen, the last saying "booting...", then these disappear and the screen goes completely blank. Nothing happens and goes on happening indefinitely. The BootX extension's in the Extensions folder, the BootXApp's in the Control Panels folder and I put a folder named Linux Kernels in the System folder with these docs in it:


The linux kernel I renamed "vmlinux" and put it in the System folder along with "ramdisk.image.gz." All of these documents come from the current Debian 2.2 'potato' ftp for Powermacs.

I thought one problem could be that the linux I downloaded is not in raw binary form (the file description comes up as a SimpleText document.) But before I sit through downloading another kernel I thought I would post the problem to this group to see if anyone has experience putting Debian 2.2 on a Powermac.




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