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Re: Booting of PPC Installation on PowerPC/Mac impossible?

Rainer Dorsch <rainer@ra.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

> I installed Debian for the PowerMac on a PowerMac 9500. After completing the 
> installation (dh_bootstrap), I wanted to make the system bootable directly 
> from the hard disk, but I learned Quik does not yet work for PowerMac. The I 
> wanted to make a boot floppy. But making boot floppies is also not yet 
> supported by powermac.

Please keep in mind that debian-powerpc is in sid, i.e. it's not even
polished enough for unstable!  With that in mind, let me say that I
have two powermacs running debian 24/7, and it seems quite solid to me
thus far (great work, everyone!).

While I'm pretty sure (after a lot of research and help from the
lists) that it's possible to install and maintain an oldworld mac
without macos under debian, it's still very difficult.  I recommend
that you keep a mac partition with bootx on it while you investigate
the situation for yourself.

Good luck,


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