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Re: enlightenment_0.16.3-6.deb for ppc

On Fri, Jan 21, 2000 at 08:42:32AM +0000, Sergio Brandano wrote:
>  Hey Laurence!
>  Could you *please* fix the dependencies with this package?
> > enlightenment depends on enlightenment-data (= 0.16.3-6)
> >
> > enlightenment depends on enlightenment-data (= 0.16.3-6)
> > enlightenment suggests epplets
>  out of the actual distribution:
> >enlightenment-data_0.16.3-7.deb
> >enlightenment-theme-bluesteel_0.16.3-7.deb
> >enlightenment-theme-brushedmetal_0.16.3-7.deb
> >enlightenment-theme-shinymetal_0.16.3-7.deb
> >enlightenment_0.16.3-6.deb
>  As this happened before for other packages, I would say that, in
>  principle, it is not a good thing to deliver the X-Y+1 edition of
>  minor parts (themes, in this case) exept the main program, which is
>  still version X-Y, so to screw up the whole thing. I understand that
>  this is a potato, but at least give people the possibility to chose
>  between screwing up and leave things as they are until better times.

What happens here is that the themes and data are architecture all, so are the
one built for i386, who has enlightenment 0.16.3-6. While the architecture
powerpc package enlightnement, was not recompiled.

Just get the source package and recompile it. (apt-get source should do the
work for you).

Hope this situation will get cleaned after the potato release, with all their
package pool plan and other such.



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