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Re: Continuing Annoyances...

erbenson@alaska.net said:
> >Also, Debian for some reason does not have /usr/include/linux a
> symlink into >the kernel source (linux/include/linux). You'll also
> have to fix that for the >kernel to build correctly.

> no you don't in fact that symlink is no longer correct, go read the
> kernel list archives and you will find rants from Linus very clearly
> telling dist makers to STOP doing that. 

Hmm... well, doing it fixed several build errors and numerous warnings in the 
USB drivers (due to changes in which headers include which other headers). Oh 
well, maybe it's just the funky back-ported USB driver that incorrectly 
references the system headers. How else am I supposed to keep those headers 
up-to-date? copy them whenever I build a new kernel? Things like Mac-on-Linux 
didn't much like them being out of date w.r.t. my kernel.

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