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Re: Continuing Annoyances...

On 5/1/2000 Kevin Puetz wrote:

Hmm... well, doing it fixed several build errors and numerous warnings in the
USB drivers (due to changes in which headers include which other headers). Oh
well, maybe it's just the funky back-ported USB driver that incorrectly
references the system headers. How else am I supposed to keep those headers
up-to-date? copy them whenever I build a new kernel? Things like Mac-on-Linux
didn't much like them being out of date w.r.t. my kernel.

the headers in /usr/include are supposed to belong to glibc, the way i understand it upgrading those to the same version as the kernel you use is the wrong thing to do because it has a tendency of breaking things.

I think what Linus wants is for userspace programs to use the glibc headers and WORK with those headers, but with distrobutions such as redhat who continue to ignore Linus' requests to stop symlinking things is causing some stuff to only work with a specific version of KERNEL headers instead of the glibc headers, when you upgrade the kernel those same programs are likely to break again anyway, that is what Linus wants to avoid.

at least that is how i understand the issue. the only thing I am sure of is that Linus is very pissed that people (redhat and such) are still symlinking /usr/include/linux to the kernel headers.

I wish i could find that Debian page explaining this, it does a better job then i am...

Ethan Benson
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