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Re: Continuing Annoyances...

>Hmm... well, doing it fixed several build errors and numerous warnings in the 
>USB drivers (due to changes in which headers include which other headers). Oh 
>well, maybe it's just the funky back-ported USB driver that incorrectly 
>references the system headers. How else am I supposed to keep those headers 
>up-to-date? copy them whenever I build a new kernel? Things like Mac-on-Linux 
>didn't much like them being out of date w.r.t. my kernel.

There's a seperate kernel-headers package which installs all the exported 
headers into /usr/include/linux. Quite a lot of glibc relies on these at the 
bottom level --- it's not glibc's business to know whether the system uses 32 
or 64 bits integers for example, that's the kernel's job, so it uses a kernel 
header. Having this package means you don't need a kernel source tree to build 
userspace programs.

Naturally, you have to keep this up to date with your real kernel. I think 
this is what you were doing wrong.

Me, I use a symlink. But then, I change kernels quite frequently.

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