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Re: Debian Linux/PPC on G4.

> > >        - not contain JDK1.X,
> >
> > True.  No one who cares enough about the non-free JDK has put in the
> > effort yet.
> Yes, but potato for i386 contain JDK 1.1.7 !

I asked the debian jdk maintainer, if he could upload also the powerpc
version. He said he will doit for a month, but no responce so far. 

> > Not on all machines, you don't.  I believe the G4's can boot without it
> > (yaboot?) but I'm not quite sure.
> LinuxPPC say G4 can boot with yabout !?

Yes, it can. yaboot is integrated in the boot-floppies cvs ... will hopefully
in the next upload. But yaboot is beta software (for the moment).



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