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Re: Debian Linux/PPC on G4.

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> >Yes, does FBDev run fast enough than Xpmac ?????
> >Because which my configuration i have probleme with speed and
> >the FBDev does not  work with two screen.
> On the G4, You should use the "special" Xpmac Rage128 with USB support.
> It can be found somewhere on www.linuxppc.org (at least there's a link to
> it here). It's a gzipped file, it's neither a .deb nor a .rpm, and
> installing it is just a matter of replacing the X server binary.

Yes, but this Xpmac server require glibc 2.1.3 which not exist ?
(see previous mail, glibc is just renaming to 2.1.3).


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