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Are there any Y2K problems in Potato?

Kind of late in the day, I know, but I happened to glance at a
calendar this morning and realized how close we're getting to the
new year.  Yesterday I'd been looking at a ``history of Linux''
Web page, that included information about Debian releases,
including the last update for the stable release which supposedly
included ``Y2K and bug fixes''.

All of which brings me to my first question:

  Is Potato Y2K safe?

Now, given that most of the updates to the stable release
consisted of newer versions of packages that have long been
included in Potato, I'm not that worried about Potato as a whole
being broken because it's out of date.  What I *am* worried about
is whether my system, in particular, might not be as safe as it
could be because it's not as up-to-date as it could be.

I originally installed Debian back in June, and merrily used the
apt-get upgrade command once before apt downloaded some packages
that broke the system.  After fixing those problems, I froze (put
on hold) many of the most critical packages (libc6, SOCKS-related
stuff), and have only done updates of packages that I thought were
particularly important since then (and been burned a couple of
times with those, as well).  That means that I don't have the most
recent versions of lots of packages I have installed.  In fact, as
of yesterday it looks like there are 268 packages that are
``out-of-date'' (224 to be upgraded, 44 on hold).

So my real question is ``Which potato packages *might* contain Y2K
problems, don't have any stability problems, and *should* be

I'd appreciate any guidance.


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