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LT PRO and atyfb (Re: Xpmac)

atyfb doesn't do much with the dual-driver nature of the lt pro. so if you
have an external monitor plugged in, macos initializes things in such a
way that linux drives the external monitor. if you leave the monitor off,
then linux will drive the lcd.

atyfb needs to be enhanced so it assigns the next two framebuffers to the
{lcd, external} outputs on the lt pro.

lt pro technical docs are not to be found at ati's web site, but they do
claim they gave docs to xfree86. i haven't looked at xfree 3.9 to see if
it drives two outputs on the lt pro but 3.3.5 didn't appear to when i
looked at it.

> FASSINO Jean-Philippe wrote:
> > I think the frame-buffer (atyfb) kernel does not run with a external
> > monitor.

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