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Re: Building Kerberos

trini@kernel.crashing.org said:
> And runs?  (tarball + gcc 2.95.2 won't work, if they have a CVS it
> might be fine now..) 

That's the setup I used (tarball of 0.10.1+gcc2.95.2, debian/potato). Heavy 
use, as mail here as kerberized and I also use arla for AFS mounted shares. I 
haven't seen a problem yet. I also use the encrypted telnet heavily. Never had 
a problem, other than finding out that ktelnet doesn't like multiple machines 
with one dns name (isua1,isua2,... are all collectively known as isua). I have 
(had, local patch fixes this) to use a specific machine. Basically I now do 
gethostbyname to get the host, then gethostbyaddr to get a canonical name for 
the host I actually got.

Got source from ftp://ftp.pdc.kth.se/pub/krb/src/krb4-0.10.1.tar.gz

hazelsct@mit.edu said:
> Thanks for following up, I hope we get kerberos up on PPC soon!

I've been using it heavily compiled from upstream, so whatever the problem is 
it must not be insurmountable - I never hit it at all...

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