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Re: Xpmac

FASSINO Jean-Philippe wrote:

> I think the frame-buffer (atyfb) kernel does not run with a external
> monitor.
> Because in MacOS, when bouting the display change in dual screen (LCD
> + monitor).
> When booting linux with BootX, the FB does not reconize the dual
> screen.
> It does not use it and does not change to mono screen. Then the
> display is bad!
> Is there are a solution for that  ?

Does atyfb work with XF68_FBDev at all?  I tried it just a couple of
weeks ago with no luck, same as since I first tried it 6 months ago.
Empty white screen, cursor appears if you move it fast, and doesn't
erase so you get a trail of cursors.  (Jean-Philippe, is this similar to
what you see?)

(Built-in mach64 on Starmax=Pmac 4400, 2.2.12 stock and patched, 2.2.13
stock; latest potato everything.)

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