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Re: specific to Hartmut Kuptein

"James D. Freels" wrote:
> Hartmut,
> Sorry about sending this e-mail public, but the following 2 e-mail
> addresses failed:
> kuptein@debian.org
> kuptein@et-inf.fho-emden.de
> Being desparate, I am sending to the list as last resort to try and
> find Hartmut.
> _____________________________________________________________________
> >>Hartmut,
> >>
> >>I was given your name by Matt Porter, also of linux on ppc experience,
> >>as being active on the debian-powerpc list/developers and also perhaps
> >>some experience with ibm-rs6000 and chrp-type motherboards.
> >>
> >>(1) the link on the debian web site for ibm rs6000 kernel images
> >>
> >>sun4u.unicent.com: /pub/linux/rs6000/
> >>
> >>is unreachable.  Do you know how we can get these kernel images?
> >>
> >>(2) Specifically, we have an IBM RS600 power pc model 40p, 7020-601
> >>    chip.  We think CHRP motherboard is applicable only because we
> >>    have an AIX 4.1 bootable install CD which does work on the
> >>    machine.  Indeed AIX 4.1 installs and seems to execute correctly.
> >>    Of course, we are interested in installing Linux for various
> >>    reasons.  This CD indicates a CHRP bootable image.  We have tried
> >>    bootable images from several linuxppc sites, none of which seem to
> >>    boot the machine.  It does recognice the CD or diskette, seems to
> >>    try to boot from the image, then the graphics screen starts to
> >>    clear from the bottom, goes up about 1/4 of the screen height, and
> >>    the system hangs.  I am perplexed as to what to do.  I have
> >>    significant experience with Debian/Linux on Intel and Alpha
> >>    machines.  However, this is a strange machine indeed, and our
> >>    progress is impeded by the inability to boot a Linux kernel
> >>    initially.
> >>
> >>Please help if you can...
> >>

Okay, being the guy who *runs* sun4u.unicent.com, or what *was*
sun4u.unicent.com, I can explain..

My idiot employer doesn't know how to manage anything. Including
domains. So unicent.com came up for renewal, NOBODY knew, and it was
deleted. So sun4u.unicent.com is now mokole.nexbell.com

Problem two; mokole is having some *SERIOUS* disk and cross-compile
issues, these appear to be due to either a failing disk or controller.
So the images are NOT there. I *am* working on it, but because of the
fact that I"m going to be abandoning that sinking ship of a company, I'm
not putting too much effort into it. They'll just vanish again. So in
the meantime, I'd suggest cross-compiling yourself from an x86 pc..
probably be easier, since I don't know when I'll have someplace to stick
files again. :(


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