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specific to Hartmut Kuptein


Sorry about sending this e-mail public, but the following 2 e-mail
addresses failed:


Being desparate, I am sending to the list as last resort to try and
find Hartmut.

>>I was given your name by Matt Porter, also of linux on ppc experience,
>>as being active on the debian-powerpc list/developers and also perhaps
>>some experience with ibm-rs6000 and chrp-type motherboards.
>>(1) the link on the debian web site for ibm rs6000 kernel images
>>sun4u.unicent.com: /pub/linux/rs6000/
>>is unreachable.  Do you know how we can get these kernel images?
>>(2) Specifically, we have an IBM RS600 power pc model 40p, 7020-601
>>    chip.  We think CHRP motherboard is applicable only because we
>>    have an AIX 4.1 bootable install CD which does work on the
>>    machine.  Indeed AIX 4.1 installs and seems to execute correctly.
>>    Of course, we are interested in installing Linux for various
>>    reasons.  This CD indicates a CHRP bootable image.  We have tried
>>    bootable images from several linuxppc sites, none of which seem to
>>    boot the machine.  It does recognice the CD or diskette, seems to
>>    try to boot from the image, then the graphics screen starts to
>>    clear from the bottom, goes up about 1/4 of the screen height, and
>>    the system hangs.  I am perplexed as to what to do.  I have
>>    significant experience with Debian/Linux on Intel and Alpha
>>    machines.  However, this is a strange machine indeed, and our
>>    progress is impeded by the inability to boot a Linux kernel
>>    initially.  
>>Please help if you can...

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