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Re: specific to Hartmut Kuptein

Ok.  Thanks for the info.  In my ramblings through all the web pages
on linux-ppc, I seem to remember a cross-compile from x86 to ppc howto
somewhere.  Since I do build kernels for x86 and alpha frequently, I
would feel it an interesting task to tackle.  Could you point me to
that web page that gives instructions on how to do this.

Thanks for your info on this...

>Okay, being the guy who *runs* sun4u.unicent.com, or what *was*
>sun4u.unicent.com, I can explain..
>My idiot employer doesn't know how to manage anything. Including
>domains. So unicent.com came up for renewal, NOBODY knew, and it was
>deleted. So sun4u.unicent.com is now mokole.nexbell.com
>Problem two; mokole is having some *SERIOUS* disk and cross-compile
>issues, these appear to be due to either a failing disk or controller.
>So the images are NOT there. I *am* working on it, but because of the
>fact that I"m going to be abandoning that sinking ship of a company, I'm
>not putting too much effort into it. They'll just vanish again. So in
>the meantime, I'd suggest cross-compiling yourself from an x86 pc..
>probably be easier, since I don't know when I'll have someplace to stick
>files again. :(

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