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Re: Phase 5 Statement on Linux for PowerPC

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, Phillip R. Jaenke wrote:
> > The difference is that IBM is making a PR event out of it and is willing
> > to throw a little money at making some relationships with manufacturers, > I suppose.  Sounds good to me...
> IBM's in it for the money, though, mostly. But that's how IBM's always
> been. Oh well, they may not make much money offa me on
> boards/processors, but they sure as hell get a good chunk of change from
> disks. (I *swear* by IBM DCHS/DCAS/DHFS/DHSD/UltraStar/DeskStar/etc
> disks! Only ones I use!)

Of course IBM is in it for the money.   They're just like every other
corporation, their goal is to make as much as possible.  It's not a
charity event like not-for-profit corporation. :)

> > With LinuxPPC, Inc.'s latest press release, sounds like the production 
> > of these boards is a done deal.
> Heh. That's what we thought about the K6.. and the K6/2.. and the K6/3..
> or have we all forgotten those production disasters? ;P  (Some of us
> didn't care, I however, do. The K6/3 has some principles and design
> things that would be *NICE* in a PowerPC.) It may be a disaster, it may
> not be.. all we can do is wait and see.

Silicon yield is quite a bit different from producing a board in a proven
form factor with a bunch of off-the-shelf parts.

Matt Porter
This is Linux Country. On a quiet night, you can hear Windows reboot.

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