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Re: Phase 5 Statement on Linux for PowerPC

Tom Rini wrote:

> I think trying to cut down an ATX board to notebook size would be harder
> (or at least as hard) as designing your own board.  In fact, this might
> not be too hard (if you have some good EE guys) and a good deal of
> knowledge.  Be manage to make a mobo so...  I think using the IBM stuff > as a referance and doing a new board might be easier.  But I'm no EE guy
> myself.

I'm looking at it as I'm looking at redesigning onboard computers for
cars. (Very very ambitious task, let me tell you. Did you know you only
have about a cubic foot, if that, of room for the onboard computer in a
'95 Escort hatchback?!) Basically, I believe it'd simply be a matter of
different heat dissipation methods, and rearranging/splitting up the
board into sepearte parts, with basic interconnects. (Just reroute
traces to Molex connectors or something.) Sorta like PeeCee (*UGH!*)
laptops, only cooler. I figure if we can get it to fit in a PC laptop
case, all the better. 14.1" active matrix screens own you. (As opposed
to the IBM ThinkPad 860 I have now, which is about as 'owning' as
Unixware. Eww.)

Another possibility I thought of is semi-emulating the ThinkPad 860.
There's 4.3G SCSI *laptop* HDDs now, apparently. And we all know SCSI
beats IDE any day. Sooo.. well.. you know where I'm going. (The ThinkPad
860 (603/166) has a 2x SCSI2 CD-ROM and a 2.5G SCSI2 HDD.)

> But..But.. AirPort. :)



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