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Re: Phase 5 Statement on Linux for PowerPC

Matt Porter wrote:

> The interesting thing I find in the whole "opening the hardware" thing 
> is that IBM has had an open CHRP design in the Longtrail available for
> anybody to do a run and I think it's only been two vendors who bothered > to make a limited run of the boards.  You Longtrail folks out there can
> correct me... :)  Oh, and Mot. SPS has had a Yellowknife reference 
> design (and eval boards of the design) available for a long time with 
> nobody jumping on it.  That's a CHRP design w/ a 750.

Hey Matt, tell whoever's got those eval boards that I'll be happy to
give 'em a good home! I've even got plenty of disk, memory, and other
goodies for them! THey'll be happy here! Very happy! :)

And I do know about the Longtrail design; I've got it stashed on several
boxes at work and here, but never really got around ot actually
*looking* at it or contemplating what could be done with it. Not really
a missed opprotunity, I don't think, since it's still a usable design,
so if anyone wants to play with a Longtrail, lemme know. I want in on
it. :)
> The difference is that IBM is making a PR event out of it and is willing
> to throw a little money at making some relationships with manufacturers, > I suppose.  Sounds good to me...

IBM's in it for the money, though, mostly. But that's how IBM's always
been. Oh well, they may not make much money offa me on
boards/processors, but they sure as hell get a good chunk of change from
disks. (I *swear* by IBM DCHS/DCAS/DHFS/DHSD/UltraStar/DeskStar/etc
disks! Only ones I use!)
> With LinuxPPC, Inc.'s latest press release, sounds like the production 
> of these boards is a done deal.

Heh. That's what we thought about the K6.. and the K6/2.. and the K6/3..
or have we all forgotten those production disasters? ;P  (Some of us
didn't care, I however, do. The K6/3 has some principles and design
things that would be *NICE* in a PowerPC.) It may be a disaster, it may
not be.. all we can do is wait and see.


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