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Re: Phase 5 Statement on Linux for PowerPC

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, Phillip R. Jaenke wrote:
> Matt Porter wrote:
> > The interesting thing I find in the whole "opening the hardware" thing 
> > is that IBM has had an open CHRP design in the Longtrail available for
> > anybody to do a run and I think it's only been two vendors who bothered > to make a limited run of the boards.  You Longtrail folks out there can

Umax and Tatung were supposed to market them. But they believed in MacOS only,
and Steve killed their wet MacOS dreams.

> > correct me... :)  Oh, and Mot. SPS has had a Yellowknife reference 
> > design (and eval boards of the design) available for a long time with 
> > nobody jumping on it.  That's a CHRP design w/ a 750.
> Hey Matt, tell whoever's got those eval boards that I'll be happy to
> give 'em a good home! I've even got plenty of disk, memory, and other
> goodies for them! THey'll be happy here! Very happy! :)

I have one :-) Hartmut Koptein and Paul Mackerras, to name a few well-known
people here, have one as well.

> And I do know about the Longtrail design; I've got it stashed on several
> boxes at work and here, but never really got around ot actually
> *looking* at it or contemplating what could be done with it. Not really
> a missed opprotunity, I don't think, since it's still a usable design,
> so if anyone wants to play with a Longtrail, lemme know. I want in on
> it. :)

And the LongTrail certainly runs Debian :-)


> > The difference is that IBM is making a PR event out of it and is willing
> > to throw a little money at making some relationships with manufacturers, > I suppose.  Sounds good to me...

Another difference is that now the market is ready for it, while it wasn't in



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