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Re: Phase 5 Statement on Linux for PowerPC

On Wed, 18 Aug 1999, Phillip R. Jaenke wrote:

> I'm not an EE, or a CS guy. I have *NO* idea how to redesign this board
> so as to cram it into a laptop. (I am not worried in the least about
> processor heat; just gonna have to deal with it. Dissipate with a diff
> heatsink or something.) Anyone know of any companies that're working on
> this already? Or know enough about this stuff to assist in the work?
> Thanks. 

I think trying to cut down an ATX board to notebook size would be harder
(or at least as hard) as designing your own board.  In fact, this might
not be too hard (if you have some good EE guys) and a good deal of
knowledge.  Be manage to make a mobo so...  I think using the IBM stuff as
a referance and doing a new board might be easier.  But I'm no EE guy

> Those of you who are about to suggest I buy an iBook, consider yourself
> soundly thwapped. My current 'arteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeestic' project is
> proving that you can turn an iBook into a toilet seat. I hate the look
> of those things. ;P

But..But.. AirPort. :)

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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