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Re: Apple vs. IBM

"Phillip R. Jaenke" wrote:
> This is wrong wrong wrong. First off, the *truly* blatant error. IBM does NOT
> use SDRAM in the RS/6000. Period. Flat out WRONG and INCORRECT. They use ECC,
> which is about 3x as much as SDRAM anyways.

says that the Power150 uses SDRAM, and has a 64-bit memory bus width.
The only benefits I can really see to the Power150 is that it has good

says that the Power260 uses SDRAM, but with a 128-bit memory bus width.

It is possible to build an ECC SDRAM system, so you could both be right.

> So, let's stack a G3 up against an RS/6000 Power260 (43P-260, 7043

Isn't the main difference that the G3 has a 32-bit G3 processor, and the
Power260 has a 64-bit Power3 processor? The Power260 has a 4MB L2 cache,
a 128-bit memory interface, and a floating point unit that works at full
speed in double precision. Its benchmark results are, unsurprisingly,
far superior.

The G3 costs about $1.5k, the Power260 costs about $20k.

- Adrian Cox, AG Electronics

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