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Re: Apple vs. IBM

Damn shopping cart, I tried the link on another computer and it actually
worked. I took away the atrocious links and just posted the nitty-gritty

> Your link at IBM is broken, since it was for your personal shopping
> cart only.
> But are you considering different memory architectures, buses and
> video cards?  AFAIK these factor much more into the equipment prices than
> clock speed or memory amount.
> Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete Dutra
> Amdocs (Brasil) Ltda
With the G3, you get Firewire, USB, and multiple PCI buses. With the 43P150,
you only get PCI. The Apple has a True66mhz PCI which can be used for SCSI
or graphics depending on whether your running in workstation or server
configuration as well as the standard 33hz slots intel uses. Both systems
use 32bit PCI slots.

As far as memory goes, both use SDRAM. IBM charges about 5x what the SDRAM
is actually worth though.

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