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Re: Apple vs. IBM

>>>>> "Phillip" == Phillip R Jaenke <prj@mokole.nexbell.com> writes:

This is kinda off topic, but no more than has been discussed so far,..
if anyone wants us to shut up, just holler...

    Phillip> Never trust information to the uninitiated.

    Phillip> This is wrong wrong wrong. First off, the *truly* blatant
    Phillip> error. IBM does NOT use SDRAM in the
    Phillip> RS/6000. Period. Flat out WRONG and INCORRECT. They use
    Phillip> ECC, which is about 3x as much as SDRAM anyways.

By ``ECC'', don't you mean ECC capable SDRAM. ;)  Looking at my favorite
maker of high quality SDRAM DIMMs, they have CAS 2 capapable (~8ns) non-ECC 
SDRAM for 139 USD, and ECC SDRAM for 149 USD.  Not a huge price
difference there. ;)

    Phillip> Secondly, the Power150 is a low-end workstation in the
    Phillip> RS/6000 arena, but has MUCH higher SPECint and SPECfp
    Phillip> performance than an iMac/G3 system will EVER have. Even
    Phillip> so, you should be comparing more recent models.

    Phillip> So, let's stack a G3 up against an RS/6000 Power260
    Phillip> (43P-260, 7043

Do you have some real numbers on performance?

    Phillip> G3 has Firewire, USB, (supposedly) multiple PCI buses,
    Phillip> single planar arch.  Power260 has sound, multi-planar
    Phillip> architecture.

    Phillip> G3 has 'True66MHz' PCI, which doesn't exist as far as I'm
    Phillip> concerned, with the G3, due to the way the G3 was
    Phillip> designed and implemented.  Power260 has 66MHz 64bit PCI
    Phillip> (something you won't find in a G3), 66MHz 32bit, and
    Phillip> 33MHz 32bit PCI 2.1.

Hmmm... the G3 has: three 64-bit and 2 32-bit PCI slots (one of them
overclocked to 66 MHz for the ATI Rage).

    Phillip> G3 has IDE onboard.  Power260 has SCSI-UW, SCSI-U2W, and
    Phillip> SCSI-SSA/RAID.

Decent G3 configurations come w/ an Adaptec 2940UUW card.  It's a
nice setup

    Phillip> G3 uses cheap SDRAM.  Power260 uses ECC.

For a workstation, I don't think this is an issue, but this is just my
opinion.  I decked out my PII w/ SDRAM w/ ECC, and if I had to do it again,
I probably wouldn't have bothered.

    Phillip> As you can see, the RS/6000 is vastly superior to the G3
    Phillip> without trying. We won't discuss the server market, out
    Phillip> of pity for Apple and their precious G3.

Hmm, I didn't realize we were discussing ``servers''.   As just a workstation,
that I picked up w/ 9 GB of SCSI-2 U^2 Wide SCSI, and 256 MB of RAM,  for
3k USD,... it's a pretty good deal.


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