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Re: Apple vs. IBM

On Tue, Aug 03, 1999 at 06:22:57PM -0500, Jeramy B Smith wrote:
> > But are you considering different memory architectures, buses and
> > video cards?  AFAIK these factor much more into the equipment prices than
> > clock speed or memory amount.
> >
> With the G3, you get Firewire, USB, and multiple PCI buses. With the 43P150,
> you only get PCI. The Apple has a True66mhz PCI which can be used for SCSI
> or graphics depending on whether your running in workstation or server
> configuration as well as the standard 33hz slots intel uses. Both systems
> use 32bit PCI slots.
> As far as memory goes, both use SDRAM. IBM charges about 5x what the SDRAM
> is actually worth though.

Never trust information to the uninitiated. 

This is wrong wrong wrong. First off, the *truly* blatant error. IBM does NOT
use SDRAM in the RS/6000. Period. Flat out WRONG and INCORRECT. They use ECC,  
which is about 3x as much as SDRAM anyways.  

Secondly, the Power150 is a low-end workstation in the RS/6000 arena, but has  
MUCH higher SPECint and SPECfp performance than an iMac/G3 system will EVER 
have. Even so, you should be comparing more recent models.

So, let's stack a G3 up against an RS/6000 Power260 (43P-260, 7043

G3 has Firewire, USB, (supposedly) multiple PCI buses, single planar arch.
Power260 has sound, multi-planar architecture.

G3 has 'True66MHz' PCI, which doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned, with the G3,
due to the way the G3 was designed and implemented.
Power260 has 66MHz 64bit PCI (something you won't find in a G3), 66MHz 32bit, and  
33MHz 32bit PCI 2.1. 

G3 has IDE onboard.
Power260 has SCSI-UW, SCSI-U2W, and SCSI-SSA/RAID. 

G3 uses cheap SDRAM.
Power260 uses ECC.

As you can see, the RS/6000 is vastly superior to the G3 without trying. We won't
discuss the server market, out of pity for Apple and their precious G3.

-Phillip R. Jaenke, Rabid Systems Administrator and BOFH
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