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Re: About PowerPC processors

Cort Dougan wrote:
> No wonder it was so hard to get one!  That's why I didn't do the MTX 
> port (although other people eventually did) - I couldn't get one of the > buggers! I swear that company really hates selling its product.

Well, as I understand it, the problem is this.

Motorola, specifically MCG, doesn't build them in bulk. Hell, they don't
even build them in mass quantity. They get an order, and then build one
board. So customization isn't a problem. (Quad DE21240's? No problem!) 
> Too bad they're so expensive.  Someone could make a killing with cheap
> commodity ppc boards.  IBM has the longtrail but they're not making them
> right now.

Aye. I think the *real* way to do it is to actually not do it as boards,
but as systems. That was the original target for the MTX+, as I
understand it. Kinda like the SPARCengine series. (Which SUCKS ROCKS.)
I've got some plans to do that, but no money to do it with. (Motorola
won't even talk OEM agreement with you unless you're talking qty
100,000+/year!) Cort, you're buddy-buddy with IBM. Get them making the
Longtrail again darnit! I want about.. erm.. as many as I can afford!
(Not many right now. :P) Heh. Seriously though, I have found some
Longtrails on eBay, but they're either DOA (mostly keyboard controllers)
or missing parts supposedly. If anyone knows where I can find a
Longtrail of any sort, lemme know. I'll pay cash/money order if it's in
working condition. :)


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