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Re: About PowerPC processors

No wonder it was so hard to get one!  That's why I didn't do the MTX port
(although other people eventually did) - I couldn't get one of the buggers!
I swear that company really hates selling its product.

Too bad they're so expensive.  Someone could make a killing with cheap
commodity ppc boards.  IBM has the longtrail but they're not making them
right now.

} Motorola has to OK your purchase before you can even get a quote. It's a
} LONG *LONG* process, and a ROYAL pain in the ass. I've spoken to the
} right people in the past, and as of about a month and a half ago, you're
} looking at around $5500 for a dual 604e/400 MTX+, $4300 for a dual
} 604e/300 MTX+, and $1300 for a 603/133 MTX. 
} Expensive. And a PiTA to get. But worth it. I've got 604e/400 dual,
} 604e/300 dual, and a 603/133 now.

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