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Re: debian ppc success!

I don't want to put them into 2.2 until they're nice and healthy in 2.3.
As it is, I'm behind on my 2.2.x work since I've been getting 2.3.x working

Keep in mind, the structure of the kernel changed a great deal from 2.0 ->
2.3 so things will have to be quite different.  In fact, the bebox changes
should fix much more cleanly now.  I've tried to make sure that I accounted
for the changes needed for the bebox.  If someone could put the code in for
2.3 (even a partial hack) I could clean it up and move it into 2.3.  I
don't have a Bebox so I'd need people to test, of course.

} What exactly did you use to get the BeBox booting? Could you send me a
} diff against 2.0.32 vanilla and the one you compiled, if you made any
} modifications? I'd like to make sure they're in 2.2.x. 
} Cort, I *know* you're listening. I'll look 'em over and test against my
} dual 604e/300 MTX+ on Friday, assuming there are diffs and I have them by
} then, and I'll pass them along after going comment crazy. ;)

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