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Clearer Installation Instructions


I'm quite impressed with Debian GNU/Linux on the x86 platform and would like
to run the PPC port on my PowerBook G3 Series (1998) computer.  The
installation instructions linked from the Debian ports page, however, is a
bit incomplete.

So I poked around a bit and was able to find a couple of tarballs for
filesystems.  So I installed LinuxPPC R4 from a CD that I had handy and
attempted to extract the tarballs onto the filesystem.  This appeared to be
a Very Bad Thing to have done.  It froze solid and refused to boot again.

Also, the servers that contained the tarballs were very very slow
(~720bytes/sec).  Any idea as to when more complete installation
instructions (or an actual installer?) and faster mirrors for the tarballs
will be available?


Kyle R. Green

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