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Re: debian ppc success!

On Wed, 19 May 1999, Tom Rini wrote:

> Oh Lord.  BeBox support in 2.2.x (more likely 2.3.x/2.4.0) would be neat,
> and will happen, but is a ways off.  First, he's using the 2.0.32
> bootdisks from 980610.  Second, BeBoxen have been mostly coaxed into
> booting UP under 2.2.x.  Tho I think they're using 2.2.2 from Linus, and
> don't have the MTX SMP stuff from Troy.  BeBox support (from what I can
> tell) needs just a bit of work, and the people w/ the current source are a
> bit busy.

I'll check with some people I know. I want to confirm that MTX SMP 100%,
since that's my area of general expertise. (those are my primary testing
systems now;) I've known that BeBoxen can be coaxed into UP, but right
now, I'm focusing more on SMP expansion. x86 SMP, quite frankly, has shown
itself to suck. (my 4x PPro200/1024k is barely faster than my 2x pII-266.)
I don't want that happening on RS/6000's and MTX/MTX+'s. Call me picky. ;)
Also call me busy. Working for a startup can be hell. But I will
definitely get some things done by Friday.


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