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Re: debian ppc success!

On Wed, 19 May 1999, Andrew Hughes wrote:

> Hello people,
>       Just a status report to indicate that I've successully got the
>       debian distribution (ppc) up and running on my BeBox (2x133)
>       using the 2.0.32 scsi kernel from the be-linux site.  Boots over
>       the net, mounts root locally.  I'm now looking to help out with
>       the kernel porting/bootstrap effort.


What exactly did you use to get the BeBox booting? Could you send me a
diff against 2.0.32 vanilla and the one you compiled, if you made any
modifications? I'd like to make sure they're in 2.2.x. 

Cort, I *know* you're listening. I'll look 'em over and test against my
dual 604e/300 MTX+ on Friday, assuming there are diffs and I have them by
then, and I'll pass them along after going comment crazy. ;)


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