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TGZ install follies

I was wondering if there was an issue with libs pulled down from the
unstable directories and the libs of the tarball install. Here's my
situation, so get a cup of tea and a slice of toast 'cos it's involved
detail time.

	I use my handy-dandy linuxppc boot image to get into a linux prompt,
selecting the FTP install and switching VCs to a shell prompt. Once
there, I mount my HFS partition and run a handy li'l script, which follows:

# Make the nodes for hda9 (where I have the linux partition)
mknod /dev/hda9 b 3 9
# Make a filesystem on that badboy. I don't really need more than 1%
# for root since it's a powerbook after all
mke2fs -m1 /dev/hda9
# Mount the partition on /mnt
mount hda9 /mnt
# Whee, now get down to brasstacks.
/mnt2/debianppc/tar xzvf /mnt2/debianppc/base2_2.tgz -C /mnt
# I still don't understand why the disk has gzip but no tar.
# Now for the fun stuff: /etc/hosts
echo '	localhost' > /mnt/etc/hosts
# /etc/hostname
echo 'botch' > /mnt/etc/hostname
# Now for /etc/fstab
echo '/dev/hda9	/	ext2	defaults	1	1' > /mnt/etc/fstab
echo '/dev/hda8	none	swap	sw		0	0' >> /mnt/etc/fstab
echo '/proc 	/proc proc defaults	0	0' >> /mnt/etc/fstab
# The pesky unconfigured.sh is munged.
cat /mnt/sbin/unconfigured.sh > /mnt/sbin/unconfigured.sh.orig
rm /mnt/sbin/unconfigured.sh

	Once completed, I run umount over both mountpoints, my hfs and new ext2
partitions all snug with their synchronized states. Happiness and joy
reigns supreme as I give the three-finger salute, booting back into the MacOS.

	Run BootX without the ramdisk boot option and it goes through the
kernel loading just fine. After a while, it gets down to init and stops,
looking at me blankly. No inittab. Single-user is fun and a simple mount
-n -o rw,remount / later, I have a semi-functional system. I leave
dpkg's pending configure queue alone and run pppconfig, inputing all the
appropriate data. My 2.2.4 kernel recognises the internal modem and I'm
tripping the light fantastic on the internet. dselect claims to be my
friend and I set it up appropriately to snag unstable .debs offa
debian's ftp site. A fair amount of chundering later, I begin
downloading .debs. All is fun and frolicking until the end of the
downloads when dselect mentions there was an error during the
post-download phase. It assumes everything went to plan and tells me to
configure and download again. I then run install and then the wierdness
hits the fan. Things install relatively well, until it reaches the libs.
Then all is segfaults and spinning heads and pea soup wall-murals.
Eventually, I have to begin at the beginning because everything I need
is broken beyond unmuddling.

	My question, is there anything I can do to fix this?


Dan Wood

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