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Re: kernel funkiness, svgalbi

On Sat, 28 Nov 1998, Eric Anholt wrote:

> 	The "pegboard" at startup is when you compile with "VGA console"
> checked in the general settings.  Just turn it off, it doesn't seem to do

Aah! yes, this fixed it. Thanks!

> 	As for svgalib, I think that the libggi will put wrappers for
> svgalib to X or whatever, and the svgalib prog will run under X.  Haven't
> tried it, though.

Hmm... ok, I have svgalib properly pointing to libggi, and libgii is
installed, but when I use, for example, zgv:
  display-fbdev: Couldn't open
  kbd. SVGAlib wrapper: unable to open default visual

My kbd package _is_ messed up. APT is seriously ticked that kbd is -9 while
kbd-data is -10. It keeps wanting to kill kbd when I try to upgrade/install.
Anyone know why this could be? Also, I found out the hard way that the
dvorak keymap file is definately _not_ for use with apple keyboards. does
anyone have one that is?

I didn't use dselect when installing, so some things may be messed on my
system. For example, I don't have an /etc/sysconfig directory, and thus
cannot figure out how to tell the system that my clock is set to PST not
GMT. Also, util-linux doesn't contain rdev, as it does in intel-world. It
seems to be missing a couple of other programs, too (i.e. vidmode - perhaps
fbset takes care of this?).

I guess that's enough questions for now :)

Thanks, all!


Peter Abrahamsen
PGP: 0xC279D219: C080 6D6F 4492 C63D 20B7 8D41 8B17 C781 C279 D219

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