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Re: Sould-volume and CD-player

In article <Pine.BSF.4.01.9811281335150.9629-100000@brio.yikes.com>, Matt
McLean <keys@yikes.com> wrote:

>as long as you're using the DMAsound driver (any kernel >= 2.1.100), you
>can use aumix. there is a debian package, but it doesn't build right

Hmm. Doesn't sound too practical, to use a package that is not there ;-)

Ok, I found one: tcd does play CDs and allows setting of the volume. _And_
uses cddb for titles and tracks. Great. Only that it needs a .tcd
directory in your home directory (but doesn't tell you, when you try to
save data from the cddb server).

One question: when finding problems, should one post them here, or should
one write a bug? I usually would write a bug, but then I usually would use
stable. Since this is unstable, I don't know what would be best. Are
problems with unstable/PPC handled by the normal package maintainer, or is
there a porting team for this architecture that first handles all bugs and
forwards them to the maintainer?

bye, Georg


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