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Re: kernel funkiness, svgalbi

	The "pegboard" at startup is when you compile with "VGA console"
checked in the general settings.  Just turn it off, it doesn't seem to do
hurt anything and fixes the pegboard. (what would need the VGA console
stuff?  Anyone know?)

	As for svgalib, I think that the libggi will put wrappers for
svgalib to X or whatever, and the svgalib prog will run under X.  Haven't
tried it, though.

>  First, is there any hope of being able to run svgalib on debian/ppc? I see
>we have a deb of zgv, but that doesn't seem to work...
>  Second, I decided to to try compiling my own kernel (130). It seemed to go
>well, but it rather had some problems while booting. Which is to say, it
>booted fine, but the text was all dots on different-colored backgrounds.
>  I'm on a 7600/233 (which, IIRC, is a control-style video). I enabled
>pretty much all of the console drivers, so this is strange. I dumped the
>framebuffer to a file before reverting to the old kernel, so tell me if you
>want to see that.
>  Are there any ideas on what's going on? I doubt it has anything to do with
>my monitor (an AppeVision 1710 from Hell). However, I did just recently get
>it replaced as the old one died on me. I'm not sure quite what happened, but
>OpenFirmware was all-of-the-sudden able to display to my monitor. I had been
>lead to believe that this was impossible with OF 1.0.5 with my video board.

Eric Anholt

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