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Re: new

> Hi all,
> partition to install the base system, but how do I do that?
> I'll be browsing through the mailing list archive to find any hints, but
> more direct instructions are welcome.

Hi again,

well, I guess I found the answer to this question, then next thing to figure
out is weather or not to remove the redhat based system, so I have room for
a complete debian system. Is the debian-powerpc up to it, or is it not in
an usable and more or less stable state? I don't mind experimenting a bit
and finding a few bugs now and then, but I'd like to be able to at least do
some web-browsing and mail-reading on this system. 

I need a glibc 2.1 system for some experiments with IPv6, so it's not like
I'll be your average user, but I like the level of functionality I get with
my current system.

Some input on this would be nice, TIA,


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