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Re: Upcoming 2.1 Release Architectures

> > Oh, i can generate a kernel-image_2.1.125-1_powerpc.deb along with source
> > and dsc files and upload it to master, but will you and the other arch
> > maintainer agree with this??
> If it's a powerpc package only, I don't see why there would be a problem.
> It should get installed automatically without ever coming to my attention.
> Or is there something I don't understand?

Great news. But uploading a *.deb package without source?? I think this will
be rejected!? And you mean uploading to unstable, not to experimental?

And in the past, we have had one kernel-source with additionel patches for
not fully supported architectures (as m68k). I think this will be similary for
linux-2.2 - i386, alpha and powerpc are fully integrated, but arm and m68k
won't (don't know it for sparc and mips). 

But uploading 2.1 kernel images will help. Thanks for the info.



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