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Re: Upcoming 2.1 Release Architectures

Please wait about 2 days.  Geert and Paul have finished the last of their
commits and I'm putting in a few small changes today and tomorrow.

}Yes, last rumors say that linux-2.2 came out short before christmas.
}Oh, i can generate a kernel-image_2.1.125-1_powerpc.deb along with source
}and dsc files and upload it to master, but will you and the other arch
}maintainer agree with this?? 

We're nearly completely merged now.  Very very few differences.

}The linux-cvs tree fits better for all architecturces then the 'normal' linus
}tree. But anyway, i think start working on pre-linux-2.2 is a good thing. 
}Xfree needs some work for framebuffers, new alternativly x11 setup for boot-floppies,
}new config files for the kernel-package, ...

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