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Re: Upcoming 2.1 Release Architectures

> > > Could I get some official word on which architectures wish to be included
> > > in the 2.1 release of Debian?  Thanks!
> >
> > PowerPC has more or less given up on making 2.1.  We're moving well,
> > but I'm of the inclination we shouldn't release until we have a truly
> > stabilized libc - or at least until we're a lot closer.
> Right, powerpc shouldn't go in right now. We have more then 200 packages
> uncompiled (many maintainer doesn't response for bug lists!!!).

Okay, thanks.

> We need a 2.1.x kernel source package, which isn't available for debian.

I don't see why you couldn't create one just for the powerpc arch.  Either
way, v2.2 of the kernel should be available before v2.2 of Debian.

> Brian and the other arch maintainer with 2.1 kernels: what about to
> have the linux-cvs tree (as a debian package) in experimental?? This
> will help. Linux-2.1.125 is very near on linux-2.2 !!

I'm afraid I don't understand.  What do you mean about the linux-cvs tree?

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