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Re: where is it?

>}Great...more people to test installers once we have them are always
>}welcome.  Keep the list updated.  There are lots of little oddities
>}here and there, but by and large things work or are quickly getting

I joined the list a couple weeks ago, and had lost some messages
because I thought they were from the gnome list (which is too
voluminous for me to read).

Anyway, is there a FAQ for the debian powerpc effort? A starting
point, perhaps? The web site was a little vague about installation
instructions (I'm sorry if you just covered this, but as I said, I
lost some messages).

And just for the record, my Experiences Thus Far with Linux, on
a Motorola Starmax 5000... (32 Megs ram, 225 Mhz 603e).

I decided to try TurboLinux for the PowerPC, and it basically wouldn't
let me switch out of a very inconvenient video mode on the console,
not to mention the wierdness that would happen if I tried to use
X. Vmode would not work.

Then I went and tried MkLinux. I downloaded the thing. It works, but
I've noticed some odd gnuplot wierdness that I forgot how I obtained in
the first place, that made me distrust it. I'm not sure it recognized
the existance of my level two cache. The default vmode is a lot nicer,
but I'm still stuck with what it boots with, it seems.

Just wondering, but where do y'all think I should go from here?

I'm willing to help out if I ever get spare time... 

Phil Fraering

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