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Re: where is it?

I can deal with redhat.  linuxppc.org is getting annoying with their heavy
handed decisions about being the only linux/ppc installation around.
They're a little too impressed with themselves I believe.  Their lack of
technical people (4 people on staff, all non-technical).  I'm not eager to
continue to fix their system so they can sell it.

}And there we have it...the reason most of us have switched :)  Redhat

Starting kde from run level 3, even.

}period gets on my nerves, and starting KDE at boot may be the most
}hairbrained idea I've ever heard.

What version are you using for the installer?  I added some fixes recently
and I'd like the installer to include them rather than have to build one
and give it to people myself when they want to install.

}Great...more people to test installers once we have them are always
}welcome.  Keep the list updated.  There are lots of little oddities
}here and there, but by and large things work or are quickly getting

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