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Re: where is it?

On Tue, Oct 06, 1998 at 04:17:51PM -0600, Cort Dougan wrote:
> Great!  I really need glibc!  Damn linuxppc.org system is getting on my
> nerves.  I'd like to install an entirely debian system.

And there we have it...the reason most of us have switched :)  Redhat
period gets on my nerves, and starting KDE at boot may be the most
hairbrained idea I've ever heard.

> }you know debian/powerpc is glibc-2.1 !?!  WIll you install from groud-up or
> }only install debian packages to your systems? 
> How is it broken?  There were bugs with io.h inline asm macros with egcs
> but we have a new io.h that fixes them so sys_mknod works correctly now.

Hartmut, I really think this is your kernel.  It works fine here.

> Will do.  I'm going to start on a pmac, then do prep and chrp.
> }Cort, please report problems during installing packages on your PReP machines to me! 

Great...more people to test installers once we have them are always
welcome.  Keep the list updated.  There are lots of little oddities
here and there, but by and large things work or are quickly getting

(As an aside, expect gmp2 patches tonight with luck.  One or two
assembler syntax ewrrors left...)


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