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Re: where is it?

Great!  I really need glibc!  Damn linuxppc.org system is getting on my
nerves.  I'd like to install an entirely debian system.

Thanks for pointers.

}you know debian/powerpc is glibc-2.1 !?!  WIll you install from groud-up or
}only install debian packages to your systems? 

How is it broken?  There were bugs with io.h inline asm macros with egcs
but we have a new io.h that fixes them so sys_mknod works correctly now.

}One little warning: the current  mknod  from fileutils is broken. Also getty
}makes trouble, use the mingetty packages. 
}But we have now 74% of 1497 packages available for powerpc (385 are missing). 

Will do.  I'm going to start on a pmac, then do prep and chrp.

}Cort, please report problems during installing packages on your PReP machines to me! 

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