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Re: Date and Upsteam-URL fields

* Margarita Manterola [Thu, 08 Jun 2006 23:35:54 -0300]:

> So, in any case, I'd encourage you to patch dpkg to handle a new
> "Homepage" field, and submit the patch.  Once this is being used by a
> big number of packages, you might bring this up again.

> I'd really like to have the Homepage field in dpkg, although I doubt
> it would enter policy.

You can start without patching dpkg:

  Package: foo
  XB-Homepage: http://www.foo.org

That will make a Homepage field end in the binary control information,
and thus in the Packages file.

I've recently added a X-VCS-Bzr header to a couple packages of mine (in
the .dsc, though, not in the binaries, so it's only in the Sources file).

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