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Re: Original sources, or not

Josip Rodin wrote:
> Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> > >> Pristine sources are already a desired, but not required,
> > >> characteristic. There are enough brain dead upstream packaging
> > >> practices that we can not mandate pristine sources.
> >
> > > Dont go blaming "upstream" for debians problems, lots of other
> > > distro's ship pristine sources, thats a poor excuse.
> >
> > 	Poor excuse? Your ignorance is showing. Firstly, there have
> >  been upstream sources that have been packaged as zip files, as rar
> >  files, and other formats (I seem to recall something distributed as
> >  an unarj repository, or something)
> I should mention that the original version of p2c was a tar.Z.
> I don't even recall if I have an uncompress on the machine. :)

Please note that you can rename a tar.Z into a tar.gz and dpkg-source
would probably not complain, since gunzip is able to uncompress a
compressed .Z file. What gzip can't do is to generate a .Z file which
the old uncompress program can uncompress.

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