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Policy-problem: Split package with libraries or not?

I've asked the following on debian-mentors already, but didn't get an
answer yet. So I am asking the experts which I expect to be on this list

I'm stuck... As I have written some days before I am trying to package
camsource - a camserv like webcam-streaming software.

As usual ;) I did not listen to the guidelines regarding single-binary
only first packages, so camsource contains some devel-files and
libraries (filters/plugins to camsource).

First packaging went well and now I want to split them to follow the
policy-rules regarding libraries.

To do so I'd have to split the package into camsource (main binary),
libcamsource0 (shared libraries + links)  and libcamsource0-dev (static
libraries + includes). Correct?

Coming to the problematic part: camserv used to do this just like this,
but newer versions (starting at 1:0.5.0-1) contain everything in one
package again. This is listed in the Changelog, so it was done on
        * Flush separate lib and lib-dev packages.

So is this a wrong packaged camserv or is there a way around the policy
rule from above (which would make packaging easier, since I'd only have
to create one .deb).

Lintian doesn't report it as an error, another point that makes me
believe it's possible to include the libraries and header files in the

PS: Please Cc: me any replies as I am not subscribed to the list - I'm
going to check the archives, but Cc:s would make it easier :)

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