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Re: build-depends-indep and arch: all source packages

On Thu, 4 Sep 2003 11:54:43 +0200, Wouter Verhelst <wouter@grep.be> said: 

> On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 08:29:43PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
>> If a package is strictly arch-indep, then nobody is likely to
>> benefit from the build-depends being split into the pieces needed
>> to run binary-indep, and the peices needed to run clean. It's just
>> useless makework for the maintainer.

> Exactly.

> Perhaps that passage should be written to reflect how the tools
> work? A problem with the original 'clean' modification was that
> people started looking at the headers, rather than looking at what
> was required. This might still happen (although I don't see how
> people could still read it in a way to be both policy compliant and
> unbuildable on autobuilders), and that might still result in people
> misunderstanding what build-depends are for.

> Something like...

> `` 'Build-Depends' should contain all packages that are required for
> a 'dpkg-buildpackage -B' run to complete successfully. Any packages
> that are not requird for a 'dpkg-buildpackage -B' run, but that are
> required for a plain 'dpkg-buildpackage' run should be put in
> 'Build-Depends-Indep'. For reference, 'dpkg-buildpackage -B' calls
> the 'foo', 'bar', and 'baz' targets of the 'debian/rules' file,
> whereas 'dpkg-buildpackage' calls the 'foobar', 'quux', and 'quuux'
> targets.''

> (dpkg-buildpackage's manpage doesn't tell which targets exactly are
> called. If people accept the above, I'll make sure I find out, but I
> was too lazy to read the code right now)

	Umm. As it stands now, I find the construction above confusing
 (well, not exactly confusing: I no longer know which package is going
 to be required in which header); since I have never needed to know
 what is called when dpkg-buildpackage -B is called as opposed to a
 plain dpkg-buildpackage run.

	If we can make this paragraph stand on its own (and not
 require people to go hunting for dpkg-buildpackage docs or, even
 worse, sources), that would help.

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