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Re: build-depends-indep and arch: all source packages

Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> This has led to the confusion that people thought build-depends were
> intended for arch-dependent packages *only*. That isn't true.
> Build-depends should contain build-dependencies that are common to
> arch-independent and arch-dependent packages, as well as
> build-dependencies that are needed for arch-dependent packages only. In
> the current implementation, build-depends should be thought of as the
> combination of Build-Depends and a hypothetical Build-Depends-Arch. In
> this case, since there is no 'clean-arch' or 'clean-indep' package, the
> clean target is common by definition, and thus any build-dependencies
> required for the clean target should be put in the build-depends field.
> Therefore, if linda suggests to put all build-dependencies of arch-indep
> only source packages into build-depends-indep, it is not just behind
> times; it is also suggesting something which is not following the spirit
> of what build-depends/build-depends-indep was created for; nor has it
> ever been -- although I must admit that my own arch-indep only package
> incorrectly puts everything in build-depends-indep, too.

FWIW, here's linda's rationalle for its warning:

W: apt-src; Package has Build-Depends, but builds no arch-dependant packages.
 Package being checked declares Build-Depends, but does not actually build
 any architecture-dependant packages. You should consider using

I suppose I'll just ignore this warning. It should probably be replaced
with a new warning that checks to see if debhelper is in the
Build-Depends-Indep and if so warns that it needs to be in Build-Depends
for dh_clean to be guaranteed available to the clean target.

see shy jo

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