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Re: build-depends-indep and arch: all source packages

Andrew Suffield wrote:
> Isn't "useless makework for the maintainer" the point of
> lintian/linda? :P


> The value is rather limited though... two cases I can think of, are
> trying to build the arch-dep components (which should do nothing,
> successfully) and adding an arch-dep component to the package later.

Building arch-dep would still work of course, it would just load a lot
of unnecessary build deps and then do nothing, successfully. This is not
a case I am very interested in optimizing, since there is a nice
optimisation -- check debian/control for arch-dep components before

If the package gets an arch-dep component later, I will probably be in a
better position than I am in now to figure out what should go in the
build-depends and what could split out into build-depend-indep. Since
it's also statisitcally unlikely, I'd worry about it when it happens.

see shy jo

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