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Re: Bug#155680: [ PROPOSAL ] bump priority of window managers wh

"Sean 'Shaleh' Perry" <shalehperry@attbi.com> writes:

>>> I was trying to be polite in my responses (-:
>> Do you mean that I haven't been polite so far?
> I meant I was refraining from using the word "bloat".

Well, I did it for you ;-) But my statement is based on experiments and
comments from users of small machines, it is not an assumption.

>>> There needs to be a distinction made between "I want all of the GNOME/KDE
>>> apps
>>> running" and "I want konqueror/koffice/whatever".  The second item does not
>>> require any real support from the wm.
>> AFAIK, one can run a KDE or GNOME app without any support from the wm,
>> am I wrong? 
> It will mostly work.  For instance with KDE apps if you try to print it tries
> to place a panel applet controlling the print process.  Since there is no panel
> running the window gets managed by the wm and looks odd.  Minor issues.  The wm
> may not support the exact decor the user is expecting due to the new hints in
> the netwm spec for window type.

Jesus! Not to have the wizzy icon with the picture of my dog on it in the top-left
corner when I launch Kmahjongg in un-bea-ra-ble!!

Seriously, I won't fight against anything that will be decided about this ;-)
I just don't see any reason for it.


Jérôme Marant


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